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The state of Bihar belongs to the poorest in India. There are no tourists and even Indians do not travel there. Depending on each region the illiteracy rate is more than 50%. The government schools provide very low-quality education. These are all the reasons why we decided to take action.

School & Hostel

Our school stands amongst the fields between villages and towns spread in the neighborhood. The closest ones are Sakrí and Nehra. As our students sometimes live farther so they can not commute, some of them live at the school hostel.

Our Pupils

The school capacity is about 150 kids aged between 4 and 15. The school system in India resembles the British system. In the lower school stage there are three classes (Nur, LKG a UKG). Higher stage is from 1st to 9th class. Concerning room capacity of our school and number of teachers our highest grade is the 7th class.

Our Vision & Mission

We want the school to offer high-quality education and to teach Christian values. Thus through the love of Jesus Christ and the hope of the gospel influence the students, their families and the community around the school.

Our Values

Gospel - centered after school programs and education
Relationally oriented to build partnerships with the community around
Excelence in education on par with the best schools in the region
Art - seeing each as made in God’s Image
Teachers and Staff developed as educators and disciple-makers

Project History

The story begins in 2013 when the Christian community in Bihar decided to build a school with support from the Czech Republic. There were many Czech churches, companies and even individuals who helped financially. We opened the school in 2015.

Our Staff

The director is responsible for the school and he is subordinated to the school council. We currently have seven teachers, one manager and two drivers who drive our school buses and take the students to and from school. At the hostel, there is a Christian educator, who takes care of the hostel kids. Plus we have our cook and her assistant.

The Project Team

The project of the school is managed by the school council comprising Indian and Czech members as well. On the Czech side, the project depends on volunteers. These people contribute in many ways – with their time, job, money, advice and prayers.

Our Plans

We are focusing on improving educational quality. We want to educate and inspire our teachers, too, so that they learn to care about their self-growth. The quality of education also depends on the facilities, therefore we want to expand the school to open more classes. We would like to build the hostel outside the school and use current hostel room for schooling purposes as well.


(1) Are you a teacher, doctor, builder, manager, do you work with kids or as a missionary or... Do you think you can contribute to New hope mission school through your gifts or abilities? Do you want to volunteer at the school at your own expense? Contact us today! Maybe your abilities are exactly what our project needs.

(2)  Do you want to pray for the mission in India, encourage all that are included and help us broaden the awareness about the project? Let us know and contact us here to get our News from India.

(3) Would you like to contribute to our mission by a donation? We will use your donations to support needful children by paying their school and hostel fees. We also help to cover salaries for some of the teachers or we fund reconstructions and investments in the school.

Bank account number for payments from the Czech republic (CZK): 2200500498/2010
Bank account number for payments from Slovakia (EUR): 2200500498/8330
Bank account number for payments from abroad  (USD): IBAN: CZ7220100000002000500506 SWIFT/BIC: FIOBCZPPXXX
Variable Symbol: 112014





Are you interested in more information? Would you like to join and help us?

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Our school:

New Hope Mission School
Tarauni Nehra rd.
Tarauni More
Darbangha, Bihar 847233

Czech management / school board:

The original website of the project:

The founder of the project Ministry in India:

Sbor Církve bratrské v Praze XIII
Křesťanské centrum Třináctka
Mukařovského 1986
155 00 Prague 13
Czech Republic

The founder of the project Ministry in India:

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